1990 35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry

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The members are in order of serial number although the VIN's are not shown. The numbers to the left are simply for reference. This list does not necessarily include those cars known by the Registry to be out of service. Information will be kept private unless a member advises me otherwise. This is for their privacy. I try to keep the information presented here as accuate as possible. When a car changes owners, it's up to the buyer or seller to advise the Registry of the change in ownership.
If you are registered and would like any changes in your information, just email me at

35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry Members
Trans codes : T = Auto, 2 = 5 speed.
Name Location Trans Vehicle Information Website
  1. Private
      T Options: Moonroof, keyless entry, auto dimmer.
    Mods: K&N Filter.
  2. Private
  3. Tylor Emmett,
    TN 2 Options:
    Mods: 94 front end,chrome SC wheels, 93 gas tank
  4. Brady Scheib,
    North Kingstown
    RI 2 Options:
    Mods: Flowmaster exhaust, 5% pulley, removed air silencer.
  5. Private
  6. Todd Preissig,
    IN T Options: Moonroof, keyless entry.
    Mods: None yet. Have future plans.
  7. Christopher Totis,
    Fernandina Beach
    FL T    
  8. Larry Orsborn,
    OH 2 Options: None.
    Mods: none.
  9. Tim Scarborough CA T Options: Moonroof.
    Mods: none.
  10. Lance Morgan,
    OK T Options: Moonroof, keyless entry.
    Mods: K&N filter,solid mounts,rear taillights changed to later model LED type.
    35th Anniversary Thunderbird Registry
  11. Private
      T Options: Moonroof, keyless entry, auto dimmer.
    Mods: K&N filter.
  12. Matt McKee
    KS T Options: none
    Mods: Dynomax resonator,gutted cats,no mufflers,removed air silencer,cut out front bumper, louver/deflectors for intercooler,envirosafe A/C, blue pinstripe, alum wheels.
  13. Private TN T    
  14. Private MA      
  15. Private
    MN T Options: Moonroof, keyless entry.
  16. Patricia Mayhut,
    FL T Options: Moonroof, keyless entry.
    Mods:Converted to R 134 A.
  17. Johnny Christensen,
    Sweden T    
  18. Private
    AZ T    
  19. Scott Kendall,
    Alexander City
    AL 2 Mods: Cobra rear wing w/ LED, 35th blue bumper lettering, Z rated Dunlops, K&N filter.  
  20. Dave Horwitz,
    San Jose
    CA 2 Options: none.
    Mods: None.
  21. Private CA 2    
  22. Richard Bruhn WI T    
  23. Private
    Canada 2 Options: Keyless entry, auto dimmer.
  24. Private
    Canada T Options: Moonroof, keyless entry.
  25. Devlin Busch,
    Calgary, AL
    Canada 2 Options:
    Mods: None